After the Flash :: SD Shards is a collaborative and narrative mix series- each month, members of the Global URL Nation contribute to the development of its story, unveiling the mysteries of a cosmic artifact scattered around the globe.

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E04 - Amselysen & Lag Switch

A core fragment, a fire burning within the Endless Outside, emanating from the invisible, laying at the very interstices of the chaos and order of things.

Dwelling at the edge of perception, at the corner of the eye, you may find a teetering mirror, which isn’t really there. In a blink, you’d see yourself on a brink, one of your own reflection. But you may hear it at first: emerging from the silence, it tinkles as a thousand glass gemstones sparkling sounds. Hear it creaking as it absorbs every world shattering, any deep space energy formation, fragilely keeping balance into the cosmos. Uncanny vibrations seem to keep it from shattering.

At the gates of this new plane of reality, you’ll have to venture your senses cautiously in the depths of the unseen to eventually reach the Guardian’s inner force.

A moment of grace,
Suspended in emptiness,
Gliding towards eternity.

A peculiar recall,
A familiar transmission,
Whose chaos was once whole.
An invitation impossible to ignore,
A procession towards salvation.

Deep down, forgotten memories.
Pieces and scraps whose very structure escape the law of cosmos.
An eternal archive, made to serve the ones with nothing left,
We children of the Void.

In the darkness a blink of light,
A metastable equilibrium,
A choir of resonating memories,
A burst of feelings breathing life into the cosmos.
Alone together.
An entrancing pulse, whose rhythm guide our path,
Whose lulling provides anchor.

Deeper into the shadows,
Hidden remembrances of what was lost.
A crepuscule of sentiments,
Corrupted data, shards without meaning.
Errors that were made, misdeeds that were overlooked,
Wrongdoings and adamancies leading to decline.
A heart so dark,
A soul so cold it would freeze the tears of the Eternal.

God is a broken clock,
Stuck on the same hour,
Desperately trying to move the pointer.
My children,
Contemplate the masquerade,
The clockwork whose time has passed,
In the heart of the Guardian.

Consumed by the Void,
We melt into a cosmic broth.
Hoping for a beacon to open a pathway,
To hold our hand when facing our fate.

Maybe today, finally,
Pieces of the puzzle come together.
The recall that would never come.
An unexpected signal,
A semblance of faith.

The time has come to shatter,
To infuse life back on this desolate land.
A last round of carousel.

Chaos and order,
The eternal siblings,
Reunited once again.

A pendulum that swings eternally,
Whose sway breathes life back into our empty vessels.
A soft breeze that animates us.
A vital blow passing through the shells.

A Flash so bright,
It will reignite the flames.

:: SHARD_#04

| - Found in : North America
| - Aura : cosmic, unstable, chaotic
| - Whispers :

(̷ ̷  Amselysen  ̷)̷

02、LEE GAMBLE - Helicopter
03、PITA - TR1
04、DAMON ZUCCOLI - Pulses pt.1
06、CHEVEL - Dem Drums
07、KIRK - Bez powrotu
08、AMSELYSEN - ???????
09、SHIT & SHINE - joy 04
10、AMSELYSEN - Incelysen
11、JOHN WIESE - Recorded Hologram
12、FABIANO DO NASCIMENTO, ITIBERÊ ZWARG - Strings for My Guitar (Full Band)
13、JAMES DEVANE - Sudden Oak Death
14、KASSIR - Naiv (feat. Perila)

(̷ ̷  Lag Switch  ̷)̷

15、REMIX GHAMGIN – Nadanam Nadani Kojayam
16、ALPARR - 2b edit
17、HAMDI x LOGAN - Bun Dem Down VIP
18、SHIP SKET - Autumn
19、PUNISHMENT - Mephitic
20、AQUELEQUE - Molocoton
22、TENDRE AEL - Shapeshift
23、DJ BBOY - Popcorn
25、TALPAH - Elves of Misty Valley

| - Reviewed by : GUN
| - Submitted to : LYL RADIO
| - Visuals by : 1.5L & m4x1us