After the Flash :: SD Shards is a collaborative and narrative mix series- each month, members of the Global URL Nation contribute to the development of its story, unveiling the mysteries of a cosmic artifact scattered around the globe.

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E01 - TingTiin

Our story begins in the East.

In the scattered ruins of an old factory, electric arcs emerge in bursts of light. The ground, strewn with iron relics from a time long ago, covered in moss and rust, has split open. In its cracks an unknown matter spreads - it seems to breathe through open pores, filling the air with a foul, yet attracting smell.

At the root of these cracks, rises a vaporous chant, a song from distant lands, a whisper rising from the ashes. In whirring layers swirl the sounds of springs and liquid chip cards melted by the heat. Clinks of switches and light signals bring back memories of a celestial body going at full speed, skin covered by stardust from the confines of our galaxy.

It was the Flash.
Suddenly, in the sky.
StarDusts, SD.

Falling. All gone to disperse on the surface of our land.

A mirage worthy of a rainbow.

The air is imbued with a strange taste of rusty metal. The liquid crystals monitor flashes and clickates, as images jump frantically, one on another, superposing in a dizzying cloud of pixels. Organic tissues inflating. Eerie energy filling the air.

Its sound of hazardous metal is one of the sharpest iron, piercing the air, escaping from all sides and back, bursting everywhere in its aura. Sizzling, it vibrates. It’s a power line resonance in the distance, steel and silicon percepting organs. Every howl, every uttered cry, is transformed, in the space of this hue, into a dull turbulence, with evanescent energy.

It propagates in static electricity, in a wild whirring sound, and returns shrouded in a cloud of thoughts - crystallized moments, in polished beads, which are as if recalled, revived.

These remembrances come from a world where things have gone out of hand, full speed, no brakes. A Hyperworld. A Hyperworld inscribed in a Hyperreality too, filled with Hyperobjects, all transcending Hyperspace and time. No, not really time. Hypertime. Once again. Everything there is hyper, there is no time. Life becomes Hyperlife. A global shared network, both scourge and salvation. A social and psychic revolution of inconceivable magnitude.

Have the monsters disappeared, or have they been forgotten? No. The monsters of the night are already here. Hypermonsters. Feeding on our souls. Devouring our feelings, our hopes, our core desires for their own good. Turning them into ore, blood and tears, ready to be scavenged by the mutants of tomorrow. So. What to do? Will we wait for the evening or will we take the day, seizing our chance to see a new morning emerge? What time will they surface? It seems the bell tolls louder every hour.

The monitor explodes.

Silence. Darkness.


A last spasm of power meant for one thing - connection : established.

:: SHARD_#01

| - Found in : CHINA
| - Aura : metallic, electric, magnetic
| - Whispers :

1、Stephen Hawking - Where are we ?
2、Kenji Araki - Avant
3、 Kat Nzingha - Vorphic Skin 
4、:SOULUL∆R - Shadowforms
5、embaci - tiniest whisper (estoc is lost in a field of flowers)
6、Bird songs and river sounds
7、e6c41, Iva Peralta - Sun Fade
8、Yoong - Sweeper (ft. Boudy)
9、Henry Herman, Jason Landers, Christopher Rocha, Chris Whitsell - Sftd 2006
10、Lao & TSVI - Sendero
11、Tzusing - 孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)
13、T-Ripper - Dysphoria
14、Kenji Araki - Isan世襲
15、indigoblue - distira
16、leop4rdi - Finding Peace (Without You)
17、leop4rdi  - you could be the one
18、Dé exquis - dé'fales
19、Yen Tech - Acceleratus
20、Ice_Eyes - OFF THROAT
21、Young Muscle - Bad Spirits
22、Van Boom - Malebolgia
23、Alexmalism & ASJ & Kelvin T - Power Fisting
24、SWORDSMITH  - Mission Complete ツ
26、Sun God - mmph
28、GOLPESAR - Nâ-Kojâ-Abâd
29、坂本龍一/Motion Graphics - fullmoon
30、chantssss - Stasi
31、Lawrence Lek - Intro (My Single Isn't Finished Yet)

| - Reviewed by : GUN
| - Submitted to : LYL RADIO
| - Visuals by : el murki & m4x1us