3-track EP

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We’re truly happy to open the new year with another addition to our UNITED series, which for each EP in the series, one member of the GUN community collaborates freely with other producers and artists of their choice.

For the second piece in the series, multi-faceted producer and Biodiversità Records founder P I T brings together three up and rising talents : ASJ, myen and migu, whose activities of the past few years consistently kept pushing the boundaries of the electronic soundscape.

Biotic Network is a breeding experiment, a virtual field research that started with an open call to the GUN community to share data such as images, texts or sounds. These gathered multimedia specimens - an aggregation of personal experiences with nature, served as a substrate for the growth of a new life form inspired by mycorrhizal networks and internet archives.

From the moist synthetic echoes of Fungi on My Face.mkv to the interweaved chaos of Sculpting Mycelium.mkv and the encompassing symbiosis of Aggregate.mkv, Biotic Network transcends classifications and carefully crossbreeds counter-balancing sound species. The resulting EP is an interconnected web of sounds and imagery, providing us with a fertile ground for future generations of sonic ecosystems.


Tracks produced by ASJ, migu, myen & P I T

Cover & visual works by Pacôme le Rouge
Mastering by Lorenzo Targhetta