17-track compilation

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Snacks, munchies, nibbles... We all rely on little treats and indulgences to take us through the day. For Snacks, members of the Global URL Nation could propose a track in just 20 to 30 seconds. Not a demo or snippet, but an actual track that can exist fully by itself, something meaningful and impactful that would push them to distill their ideas down to their core essence.

Snacks explores what makes the backbone of a track, how to shape its core and play with temporality and emotions in such a short time span. The exercise is much harder than it seems, and it challenged every contributor to think critically about their practice and the listening experience of this unusual timing. When there is only 30 seconds to work with, every note and sound becomes incredibly important : how can a complete emotional arc can be created within a limited time frame, to craft a musical story that is both succinct and stimulating?

By pushing artists to explore this format, the compilation aims to promote a deeper understanding of the creative process : when forced to work within constraints, we are forced to be more intentional and deliberate in our choices, leading to uncomfortable or innovative approaches to music production, as well as a greater appreciation for the values of simplicity and brevity.

The result is a compilation that welcomes artists from all backgrounds, including AFGA06L, Bademjan, Beatrice, B E N N, Bouzouk, Cesar Ch., Cralias, Dj Crave, Griigg, indigoblue, Lukann, Medejín, personalbrand, Pénélope, P I T, Shashakimbo, Sxmbra, Victor Metske & VINÍ. Each artist has contributed with their unique perspective, ranging from ambient pads to abrasive cuts, percussive hits, and organic environments, always on the verge between frustration and comfort.

Snacks is more than just a collection of tracks - it is a representation of the diversity of musical expression, and a testament to the creativity of the Global URL Nation. We hope that you will enjoy these little treats as much as we have, and that they can provide you a moment of joy or inspiration - as a quick snack to lift your spirits, or as a momentary escape from the stresses of the day.


Tracks produced by AFGA06L, Bademjan, Beatrice M., B E N N, Bouzouk, César Ch., Cralias, Dj Crave, Griigg, indigoblue, Lukann, Medejín, personalbrand, Pénélope, P I T, Shashakimbo, Sxmbra, Victor Metske, VINÍ.

Cover & visual works by chaggrin & iso muein

Mastering by Bademjan