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“In times gone by were the Moonstone Bardfolks, a gathering of wanderers and fortuneless artists, whose sworn members pledged to bring joy and harmony to the peoples through the power of dance. The secret of this guild lied in the potent vitality and charming spirit their instruments could deliver. These magical tools were to be acquired after a thorough rite of passage, following a long journey to reach their master, the mighty Victus.

As a sage among the sages, it was said his musical proficiency was able to bend space and time, to warp sounds in unearthly ways. The mysterious scholar could bewitch any instrument so that it would play enchanted sounds and magical notes able to make the listeners move with unmatched fervor, thus allowing the companions to propagate delight and ecstasy among their kind.

One day, Victus disappeared abruptly, leaving only the most ancient members of the fellowship with the ability to sustain life and maintain peace. Quickly, the community became almost extinct, unable to fulfill their mission. Driven by the urgent need to make bodies dance anew, with a desperate faith in the grace of music and the mercy of sounds, its last remaining members were determined to seek for this illustrious wizard. But only one clue could help them find his divine spirit, a peculiar object left by Victus before his vanishing : a simple headdress, known as Coiffelafougue.”


Expanding further the processes of collaboration of the CLMxGUN project, SEED singles are individual tracks resulting from a spontaneous association between two or more members of the Global URL Nation and beyond.

Emerging from the cross-pollination happening among the GUN community, they recombine musical genres and cultural backgrounds into a variety of sounds, producing new breeds and species in the landscape of electronic music. They blossom along the trail of the CLMxGUN journey, providing unique delicacies and brief satisfactions to be picked up and enjoyed in the moment.


Production by Moonstone Bardfolks

Visual cover by Robin Lopvet
Title by GRIG & 1.5L
Mixing/Mastering by Lorenzo Targhetta