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We are happy to introduce a new format to our catalogue - Resonance! For each installment in the series, two or more members of the Global URL Nation spontaneously bond and collaborate on a multi-track project, such as an EP or audiovisual piece.

For the first edition, we warmly welcome POL100 & Cecco Meraviglia for Espiazione, a journey of soul purification and an exploration of mind-body dualism partly inspired by Dante’s Inferno. Thought and produced as music videos, it gathers the two Italian artists around a common project to be seen and heard. x&

Over 5 audiovisual acts, Espiazione combines organic textures, intriguing sound designs and synthetic soundscapes with distorted symbols, particle shapes, morphing glitches and virtual mirages.

The opening act, Preludio, is an anxious and tension-filled ambient dive into the universal themes of death and mind-body separation. It then proceeds to a reinterpretation of Dante’s hell, purgatory and heaven with Fluido, a noise-filled suffocating descent into infernal circles and arhythmic abysses ; Solido, an unstable call for tranquility, a climbing towards purification and cleansing through textured terror, despair and deadly sins ; and Gassoso, a bright and ecstatic atmospheric liberation carried by graceful pads, celestial elements and angelic figures. Expanding Dante’s representation, the release closes with Rinascita, a shimmering and joyful exploration of rebirth as seen by various cultures, returning the soul to a material and earthly dimension.

Experienced as a whole, Espiazione walks a fine balance between life, death and rebirth, to provide us with a touching emotional journey, a subtle celebration of the impermanent cycles of life.


Tracks produced by POL100

Visual works by Cecco Meraviglia

Mastering by Jacopo Massarenti


Collide 24
Swine Daily