36-track compilation

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An ode to failure!

Departing from the image of the genius artists, the Hit&Miss compilation wants to show the hidden parts of creation, by embracing missteps and abandonment as a natural part of any artistic journey.

Open to all members of the Global URL Nation, it proposed a new home for projects that couldn't find a place to exist otherwise, due to artistic (self-)exigency, technical problems, bad timing or any other reason often unknown to the general public.

With more than 20 artists from a broad range of styles, experience and locations, it gathers unfinished projects such as aborted WIP, forgotten drafts, lost files, unconvincing demos, compulsive emotional bursts or technical experimentations.

With all its flaws and raw cuts, Hit&Miss asserts the strength of trial and error, and cherishes the impossibility to develop an idea into a finished object as a learning process towards one's growth.


Tracks produced by Ancestral Vision, Andres Komatsu, Antilita Octovyk, Bademjan, Basura, Bouzouk, Cralias, crat, DJ Criminal Edit, DJ Rotule, Fungal Mat, grrggg, Heart Shaped DJ, indigoblue, jjjacob, J Sliwa, King Demitri, LMN3, Lukann, Medejin, Nagruv, Pénélope, RougeHotel, SNKLS, Sxmbra

Cover & visual works by Boris Van de Walle & Robin Lopvet
Mastering by Bademjan