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We are delighted to extend the GUN-X series with a second edition in partnership with HIDE Productions !

GUN-X is a series of releases that enlarge the processes of collaboration beyond the borders of the Global URL Nation. For each project in the series, members of the GUN community collaborate with members from another collective or label - exploring the results of cross-pollination and pooling across the global ecosystem of electronic music.

After an abrasive edition with Heel.zone in 2020, we’re happy to partner this time with the incredible multi-disciplinary collective HIDE Productions from Italy ! HIDE aims to connect artists by sharing resources such as sample packs, devices, types or 3D assets, in addition to delivering sharp and sizzling releases and audiovisual projects. Their dedication to provide high quality projects and resources over the years made it one of the most obvious choices to develop the series.

For the project, HIDE members SY/N, T.U. / Capiuz, Coeden & Leden cooked a pack of samples and M4L devices that were proposed to GUN members to make a track.

AFGA06L, B E N N x Griigg, Cralias, jjjacob x P IT, Lukann, Nagruv, Sha Sha Kimbo x xato, Talita Otović & Yaka from the GUN community reinterpreted these to deliver a 10-track compilation that ranges from vaporous synthetic soundscapes to deafening growls, bitter hits and jarring noises. A caustic club material to handle with caution !


Organized by Club Late Music and HIDE Productions

Samples by Alex Ortiga (SY/N), Luca Favaro (T.U. / Capiuz), and Giulio Spampinato (Coeden)
Devices by Luca Favaro (T.U. / Capiuz) and Daniele Fabris (Leden)

Tracks produced by AFGA06L, B E N N x Griigg, Cralias, Fungal Mat, jjjacob x P IT, Lukann, Nagruv, Sha Sha Kimbo x xato, Talita Otović

Cover & visual works by Alex Ortiga (SY/N) & Griigg