GUN-X01 / HZ#00ff00

3-track EP

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As part of the CLMxGUN project, the GUN-X series of collaborative releases enlarges the processes of collaboration beyond the borders of the Global URL Nation. For each EP in the series, members of the GUN community collaborate by pairs with members from another collective or label, exploring the results of cross-pollination and pooling across the global ecosystem of electronic music.

To initiate the series, we are more than happy to collaborate with the italian label Heel.zone. With its unique and radical aesthetics honoring error and filth, its consistent production operates complexity with a surgical precision, blending haunting organic sounds with bowel-stimulating saturated basses and shattered rhythmic patterns.

GUN-X01 / HZ#00ff00 gathers Heel.zone members Krolik, Kuthi Jin & Oroboro, as well as BUNGALOVV, GRIG, Shayu & Tendre Ael from the GUN community. Combining the various influences and processes of each producer, the three resulting tracks unveil a multifaceted entity,  a psychotic being oscillating between utter confusion and undisturbed harmony, finding peace in chaos and rest in foul.


Tracks produced by BUNGALOVV, GRIG, Krolik, Kuthi Jin, Oroboro, Shayu, Tendre Ael.

Visuals by Gianluca Lonigro

Mastering by Giancarlo Brambilla


Soul Feeder