G.U.N Compilation

14-track compilation

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In April 2017, Club Late Music initiated the GUN project - as in Global URL Nation. Inspired by the free and open-source software approach, GUN gathers a diverse community of artists, designers and enthusiasts into an international network based on collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and of creative resources.

The G.U.N compilation serves both as a manifest and as an open call to join the community, with experimented and upcoming talents representative of the diversity of club aesthetics.


Tracks produced by Adel Faure, Blastto, Joe Houston, Kid Cala, Lil Crack, Lyzza, Metrakit, Mstk, Pierre le Disque Jockey, Prince Lucien, Shemale, Sport Eyes, Ultramiedo, Von Strom, WRACK.

Cover by François Bellabas
Mastering by MaxAudio


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