4-track EP

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Emergence is the second collaborative EP of the Global URL Nation. Unlike the previous release Exquisite Corpse, which was a musical transposition of the surrealist literary game, this time participants collaborated without any constraints or instructions.

The release affirms the constituent power of autonomy. It honors both chaos and order as integral parts of creation. From the interplay of 13 artists, randomly grouped, emerge a whole that is stronger than the sum of its parts. With an unpredictable behavior, individual entities collide and coalesce into a heterogeneous assembly, where the accretion of different personalities, tastes and intents composes the outlines of a harmonious body.

Turning the vacuum of liberty into a consensual (im)balance, Emergence seeks to illustrate the value of collective action - an authentic appreciation of self-organization.


Tracks produced by 1.5L, Ancestral Vision, ASJ, ccontrary, DEEjAY f, Désiré, Giek_1, GRIG, Heedless, Lighght, Lila Tirando A Violeta, Lithe, Victor Metske

Cover by AKUA

Mastering by Lorenzo Targhetta