7-track EP

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CLMxGUN is happy to present Chain of Whispers, a two-fold EP exploring further collaborative production processes. Like a murmur in the wind, a secret being delivered from ear to ear, it is born from a playful approach to sound manipulation and its transformation when passed from one hand to another. An embodiment of how music can be altered by each and every contribution.

Through a defined set of constraints based on the Telephone game, the concept is simple : each successive track is a remix of the previous one, and the contributors could not hear what was done before them. So on and so forth. A continuous cycle of appropriation and re-interpretation.

From this experiment resulted in two 7-track EPs, two chains which gathered 11 artists, each with their own identity and their own input. With each new link in the chain, the sound mutates, speeds up or slows down - some of its elements are exacerbated, while others are concealed or juxtaposed to new ones.

The second chain welcomes 71W3, GRIG, jjjacob, Lithe, Lukann, and SNKLS. Covering a broad spectrum of sounds, it moves back and forth between heavy club material and ethereal soundscapes, finding peace and closure in this constant state of unrest.


Tracks produced by 71W3, GRIG, jjjacob, Lithe, Lukann, SNKLS

Visuals by k095c
Mastering by Lorenzo Targhetta