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Blown by the Wind ,¸¸,.•.¸ ¸ .- initiated by artist and GUN member Pénélope !

Blown by the Wind is a project that highlights the voices of the Global URL Nation community, and the textures that can be created from them. The voices mingle and intertwine until a soundscape shimmering compilation is woven.

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It was a project in two phases. The first one consisted in the creation of a common pack of vocal samples - anyone from the GUN community could contribute with what they already had, or could create something specifically for the project.

´¯`·- It welcomed 116111 , Amselysen, Bademjan, Epiphagi, Eurrope, Griigg, Jeune Faune, jjjacob, MYEN, Pénélope, RougeHotel, & SNKLS for 100+ voice samples.

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In the second phase, artists from GUN could propose a track using this sample pack. The idea was to consider voices as key instruments, with the possibility of shaping, distorting and transforming them at will to create new textures.
´¯`·- Amselysen, Bademjan, Clair X, Epiphagi, Eurrope, MYEN, jjjacob, Orqualyzer, RougeHotel, & Ziyiz contributed to this phase with 10 tracks.

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10 whispers that rise from the depth of the soul, blown away across the lands into the most welcoming ears - for a burst of comfort, contemplation or excitement.


Organized by Club Late Music and Pénélope

Vocal sample pack produced by 116111 , Amselysen, Bademjan, Eurrope, Griigg, Jeune Faune, jjjacob, MYEN, Pénélope, RougeHotel, & SNKLS

Tracks produced by Amselysen, Bademjan, Clair X, Epiphagi, MYEN, jjjacob, Orqualyzer, RougeHotel, & Ziyiz.

Cover & visual works by Elyza Gleize
Mastering by Bademjan


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